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Tom DeLay.jpgFormer U.S. House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay (R) of Texas, is scheduled to stand trial in Austin, Texas. The charge states he illegally sent $190,000 in corporate money through the RNC (Republican National Committee) to help elect GOP Texas legislative candidates in 2002.

The Supreme Court, a conservative court on the belief that money is protected speech as far as elections are concerned, overturned a century of precedent and laws moving in the other direction. Republicans continue to sabotage America, even after being deposed from majority power to rule, via their Supreme Court activist judges. As usual, Republicans say one thing and do the opposite. For appearances they rail against activist judges, all the while appointing their own activist judges to the federal benches.

Supreme Court PhotoThe Supreme Court ruled it is unjust to exact the death penalty for rape of a child where the child lives beyond the crime. Is this a just ruling? The answer depends upon whom you ask, what mode of brain operation they use to form an opinion, and whether they understand the word 'just' in the question?

Supreme Court PhotoIn yet another devastating blow to the Bush Administration's policy on terrorist prisoners, the Supreme Court has ruled that Guantanamo prisoners have the Constitutional right to habeas corpus, the right to challenge their incarceration before a court of law. The Decision was 5 to 4, with Bush appointees and conservative Justices dissenting.

Bush's nomination of Miers to the Supreme Court has Charles Krauthammer's panties all in a twist, as he calls for Bush to withdraw it. Suddenly, a supreme court he has trashed for so many years, is now venerated and worthy of protection. Well, there are two very likely reasons Pres. Bush will not withdraw the nomination no matter what.


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