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President Obama's bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is better known as the Debt Reduction Committee. It is made up of 18 members, Republican and Democrat, elected officials and some non-elected. They released their report yesterday. Member's comments on the report and process were aired on TV. Despite all the backslapping and mutual admiration comments, the report will definitely not receive a unanimous vote tomorrow. It will quite possibly be dead, on arrival of the vote.

Most American tax payers could not give a definition of the term "opportunity cost". Just as most Americans could not tell you what al-Queda was, prior to 9/11, 2001. Not knowing however, did not stop al-Queda from attacking America, and not knowing what opportunity cost is, will not stop those oppressive and suffocating costs from forcing future tax increases on income earners in America and pushing the nation toward bankruptcy.

The growing number of government loan guarantees and bailouts of failed corporations and financial institutions is nothing short of a conspiracy between elected politicians and wealthy special interest power brokers to steal tax payer's dollars without representation. More than 230 years ago, Americans engaged in a Revolutionary War for this very same crime of government. Wimpy Americans today are more obsessed with race and gender of their elected officials than being ripped off by them.

McCain-Obama: Taxes

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McCain-Obama photo UPDATE: June 12 - Tax Policy Center has an excellent overview with numbers of Obama's and McCain's tax policy positions to date. Well worth a quick read.

John McCain and Barack Obama are just beginning to outline their policies. Until now, both have been very short on nuts and bolts to questions about their positions.


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