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oil rig photo - courtesy National GeographicThere is a factual story to be told about the multi-million dollar war being waged between the Oil and Gas and Republican team on the one side, and the Democrats, consumer, and environmental groups on the other. The factual story however, leaves much room for guesswork as to why the facts are as they are. Let's examine this story as logically as possible.

To Great Fathers

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Biological fathers can skip this article unless they otherwise qualify for the salutation.

Great fathers are known for two very fundamental qualities; supporting the welfare of those in their care, and working to secure a path to an even better future for those in their care. Such was the case with most of our founding fathers. Such has been the case with most of our Presidents. Such has been the case for a majority of men in America throughout its history. Each generation of great fathers work not only to preserve what is good, but to make what is ill, better.

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