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The new anti-incumbent movement is just beginning. It will grow, and there is nothing the Democratic and Republican Parties can do about that. Here are the only 3 scenarios possible, and why the Republocrats will be powerless against Vote Out Incumbents Democracy and a growing number of anti-incumbent voices like, No To Incumbents, and Tenure Corrupts.

Republicans No More!

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There is a wave of Republicans disavowing those in the White House and Congress leadership, saying they are Republicans no more. Some mean those in power are no more Republicans. Some mean they, themselves, are leaving the Republican Party. Jack Cafferty, a very conservative journalist and consultant for CNN aired a special last night entitled "Broken Government", in which he called for ousting all incumbents and starting over. Bravo!, Mr. Cafferty. Better late than never.

Hewlett Packard's former chief and several others face indictments for illegal spying. How is it then, the White House, also known to have engaged in illegal spying using wiretaps outside FISA's requirement for judicial review, is not held to account? Is it true there is one law for those outside government and another law for a few privileged inside government? Is this not the story line of George Orwell's famous Animal Farm about how authoritarians are made?

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