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Try asking the American people if either the Republican or Democratic party is the answer to America's woes and future needs. They will answer in majority with a clear and stoutly resonated "NO"! Did our Constitution's drafters fail to adequately account for human behavior and foibles?

Polls show confidence in the Republican and Democratic Parties is AWL, Absent With Leave by the actions of the parties. Apparently, the public has two options to address the broken system; vote out incumbents regardless of party, or overthrow the government, and convene a new Continental Congress to draft a new Constitution which starts with the old one, but, removes money and parties from their roles as primary movers of politicians.

Congress men and women are all back home with their constituents trying to figure out what they can tell you to get your vote. So, what is it you want to hear in order to give them your vote? Or, given swelling anti-incumbent sentiment, is it too late for that?

It is painful and with deep regret that I have to reiterate what was obvious to some of us all along. Invading Iraq would lead to civil war and unaffordable American deficits, our national debt and deficits would reach or exceed 11 trillion bankrupting the Social Security and Medicare safety nets, and a one party Republican government would lead to government failure, defined by an inability to solve the nation's most pressing problems.

Iraq - The top Generals sitting beside Donald Rumsfeld, our Secretary of Defense, before a Congressional hearing admitted today Iraq is going badly, and civil war may be in the cards. For a change, they were almost fully truthful. If they had acceded that Iraq is already engaged in civil war between Sunnis and Shiites, they would have scored 100 on truthfullness. But they denied thinking that this civil war was in the cards. So, why is it, I and many others were predicting civil war and the White House and Pentagon couldn't?

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