Status of American Politics: February 2006 Archives News - Top Stories: "Chertoff told senators he accepts responsibility for "many lapses" during the catastrophe that left 1,300 dead and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. "

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff testifies before a Senate committee, courtesy Tim Dillon, USA TODAYThis picture appears to indicate the amount of time, effort, and planning the Homeland Defense Department and FEMA put into preparing for the next natural disaster. Prior to Katrina, there was the fraud, waste and abuse hearings and investigations in the aftermath of Florida's destructive hurricane. But, not a word of it was learned from or taken to heart as the amount of waste, fraud, and abuse in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita dwarfed that in Florida which became a scandal.

In the real world, people get fired for this kind of colossal failure to prepare for and do their job. Of course, we all know, Wa. D.C. is not part of the real world the rest of us live in. Actions such as these are apparently endearing to political leaders calling forth the circling of wagons to defend such ineptitude and incompetence. A few are even promoted - all the way to President. American politics is a very odd beast. A beast that is killing our future by thouands of bites and scratches, resulting in a kind of slow hemorraging death in the form of incompetence, deficits, and national debt.

Corrupting America

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The President's State of the Union speech was quaint. But, let's get down to some real facts about where we are. America is corrupted! If the President were to have spoken the truth about the state of our nation, his speech would not have needed to be any longer than those 3 words.

Corruption. The word corrupt means to alter a normal healthy state to one of being putrid, unsound, or debased. Corrupt is probably the most apt description of our government in these times. Take the Abramoff scandal which, certainly paints a picture of wide spread bribery of politicians and their aides in exchange for legislation which harms the nation, but favors the hands that feed the reelection coffers of incumbent political parties and politicians.

CBS News reports "CIA Director Porter Goss said Thursday that the disclosure of President Bush's eavesdropping-without-warrants program and other once-secret projects had undermined U.S. intelligence-gathering abilities."

WRONG! Bypassing the courts, as is required by law, necessitated the whistleblowing to preserve our democracy and Constitutional rule of law. The White House and NSA broke the law and they own the consequences. This is pure political spin folks trying to blame the sibling when the child broke the plate.

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