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Folks over at Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy created their organization knowing Abramoffs and DeLays were at work and that they represent only the tip of the ice berg in regard to bribing elected officials for votes in Congress and policy in the White House. Other organizations too, like Common Cause have been warning Americans of the scandals that would come as a result of our allowing our government to be sold to the highest bidder. But, it is crucial that Americans look past the Justice Department's action, to the underlying problem: the relationship between lobbyists and politicians.

A Political Quotable

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While I take some pride in being able to analyze and communicate a perspective of understanding and some objectivity, about American politics, it is rare that I ever come up with a turn of phrase or caption which is memorable or quotable. Probably why I am not on any best seller lists. Tonight however, while in dialogue with Joebagodonuts over at WatchBlog's Third Party/independent blog, I made a comment that may fit the bill for quotable.

On Jan. 5, 2006 at 3:20 AM CST before a sleeping internet audience Remer uttered, "Trying to get others to try to understand our point of view is a very trying exercise indeed. But to quit trying is to become a Republican or Democrat, and that is going too far."

I may not come up with another gem like this one in this lifetime, so cherish its rarity.

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