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Hosts of millions supported the Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to convicted terrorist Nelson Mendella of S. Africa, and Menachem Begin of Israel who helped blow up the Hotel King David in 1946. Both began their adult lives engaged in activities we regard today as terrorist, blowing up, or otherwise conspiring to kill bystanders at their designated targets. Are these men heroes or terrorists? Or, were they terrorists who later became heroes of Peace? Each was engaged in a struggle they deemed worthy of killing for. In the minds of supporters of al-Queda, perhaps Osama bin Laden may be a Nobel Peace Prize candidate in 20 years.

The Greeks wrote a play called Lysistrata. Mrs. Sheehan, camped out on our President's doorstep in Crawford, Texas is a shining example of Lysistrata's playwright's intent centuries ago. Lysistrata speaks of what the world could be if women simply refused to give men their penis measuring wars by withholding their sublime pleasures until men listened to the wisdom of motherhood.

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