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Pres. Bush said we would not allow thugs and terrorists to frighten us away from our great love of freedom. I believe he is right, our love of freedom will only grow as we continue to give more and more of it away to legislation like the Patriot Act which comes straight out of the Nazi play book. Our willingness to live free is unquestionably being given away to the President's and Republican's fears and insatiable desire for control.

President Bush chose conservative appeals court judge John Roberts on Tuesday as his first nominee to the Supreme Court. Will this choice invoke a filibuster by the Democrats? Should it? Judge Roberts is a conservative. It is not like Bush was going to nominate Bill Clinton. I see no surprise here. I also see no reason for a filibuster given the reality of the situation.

I have never heard anything so politically bereft of intelligence as some Democrats on the hill calling for a filibuster or Senatorial 'Custer's Last Stand' on the replacement for retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Does the Democratic Party have any clue as to how politics can be played to win for a change? I don't think so.

Look, unless Bush's nominee is so malicious toward the public good that it is transparent to the public at large, Democrat's filibuster of O'Connor's replacement will miss and immense opportunity to win voters over. But do they see it? Apparently not.

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