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There is an excellent discussion which I participated in over at regarding the Supreme Court's ruling that state and local governments may force the sale of your home or any real estate holdings if either 1) the general public interest would benefit or 2) wealthy individuals or businesses can demonstrate their use of the property would provide a greater benefit than your use of it. Eminent domain has lost its last ounce of constraint and has negated all notions of private property rights. The idea that you own your home and land it sits on is now an illusion you maintain at the pleasure of the government.

A high profile person in the last week said about the rich getting richer and the rest not, "this is not the type of thing which a democratic society - a capitalist democratic society - can really accept without addressing."

Who said this?: 1) Howard Dean(D), - 2) John Kerry(D), - 3) Alan Greenspan(R).

We have become the most prosperous nation in the world. There is however, evidence pervading our society supporting the argument that this very prosperity is sowing the seeds of discontent, which could destroy the integrity of this unified nation of hope. The 20th century saw America exert the immense power of its one people, one nation, integrity toward victory in two world wars. It saw an historically unprecedented rise in prosperity for all Americans, and the rise of an unparalleled middle class whose prosperity began to look like heaven on earth in the 1950's and early 1960's.

The 20th century saw an uplifting of government toward noble ends like women's suffrage, destroying organized crime, putting human beings on another celestial body, and the most radical advances in medical science ever witnessed; eradicating epidemic diseases and prolonging average life expectancy for Americans by decades. The visible remnants of slavery were discarded; new American Indian laws permitted even them some meaure of prosperity with legalized gambling opening the doors to some of their people to realize opportunities, to dream, and work for fulfillment of those dreams previously denied them.

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