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Dr. James Dobson is a spokesperson for 7 million Fundamentalist Right-wing Evangelical Christian (FREC) radio listeners. He told them before the 2004 election that not voting could be a sin. He and his followers are splitting the GOP's unity and could be weakening the GOP's future election potential.

Some Dobson Republicans are now calling the venerated Senators Warner and McCain traitors to their party because of the compromise of seven Republican Senators with seven Democrats to avert the nuclear option over judicial nominees before the Senate. Further, they are casting their traitor net over house Republicans who yesterday voted for a bill to grant federal tax dollars on discarded embryonic stem cell research.

America may be marching headlong toward another civil war. Many of the descendant players are the same. Many of the strategies are the same. The motivations are the same. Even the flags are symbolically similar. Only a date of commencement and outcome of this second civil war remain unknowable.

The Players: In 1860, the Southern states stated a demand or they would secede from the Union. It was to preserve slavery and extend it into the new territories using the argument that blacks were inherently inferior to whites, and more akin to oxen or mules which justified using them for labor. The Northerners, largely not depending upon slavery for their economic base, were opposed to seeing slavery extended into the new territories, and would have eventual designs on eradicating slavery everywhere.

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