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As the pledge of allegiance says, we do all things "... with liberty and justice for all." This by its very nature makes democracy a thing of beauty. It is also an incredible challenge for its citizens and those who hold political office. Because of democracy's absolute laws of justice and liberty the job of running a democracy is incredibly challenging but the results are rewarding beyond words. The job of a policeman for example, is more difficult in a democracy where civil liberties and human rights must be observed. The job of a politician is more challenging where providing security, a healthy economy, and basic services must be accomplished in a world where civil rights are the law and the environment is a public (not private) resource that must be protected. I believe our current President once remarked that his job would be easier of this were a dictatorship. For once he was absolutely right.

[Washington Post: Editorial]

What does the controversial decision by the Federal Communications Commission to allow further media consolidation have to do with the financial crisis afflicting energy companies? Both showcase the failures of naive deregulatory policy.

Ex-Lawmakers' Edge Is Access

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[Washington Post: Nation and Politics]

Most lobbyists would kill for the chance to place a client's highly sought proposal in a lawmaker's hand. For Dickey and other former members of Congress, it is fairly easy. In a town in which access often translates into influence, former members of Congress have several advantages, from free parking spots on Capitol grounds to the ability to mingle with lawmakers and their aides in cloakrooms and private committee rooms.

The high cost of a legal education is forcing more and more lawyers to walk away from jobs as public defenders, legal aid lawyers and prosecutors. By Jonathan D. Glater. [New York Times: Education]
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