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Recent polls show democrats support to throw Bush out of office is growing fast. I suspect with the Patriot Act and Attorney General Ashcroft's threatening civil liberties granted us by our founding fathers, the Libertarians may desire to lean toward the Democrats in 2004. In addition The Natural Law Party members may also have a stake in seeing Bush unseated from the presidency and the Senate based on their anti-debt and deficit sentiments. Without doubt, the Green party members would prefer Democrats in 2004 for environmental and corporate greed reasons. These are the Democrat's starting blocks. And they may well prove to give the Democrats a competitive edge against Republican fund raising which will grossly outdo Democrats.

David Remer, June 9, 2003

Think Tanks are prevalent around the world, their influence pervades in the UN, the US Government, Political Parties, special interest groups like Teens, Gays, Blacks, and are also found influencing policy decisions and ideology from community centers and local governments right up to the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization.

So what should a think tank be?

My family reunion this weekend provided a solution to many of the worlds conflicts. I am an independent with loads of criticism for all political parties. I am liberal on some social issues, conservative on others, and the same is true for economic and constitutional issues. Many of the family members I went to visit this weekend are staunch republicans. I dislike republicans only a little more than democrats, but, this was a reunion and not a political referendum. So, I went to visit great cousins and aunts, uncles and parents, some of whom I have not seen in 45 years. We embraced, and exchanged courtesies, demonstrated interest in what each other were doing, etc. It felt wonderful, inclusive and warm to be in the midst of family who didn't ask or care what party I was affiliated with. However, some extremist political positions were revealed by some family members in the course of otherwise seemingly innocuous conversation.

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