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In a move by Republicans in the House of Representatives revealed yesterday, their Medicare strategy is going to be applied to Social Security. Their strategy has but one goal and outcome, to end the program. Medicare/Medicaid already had a dismal finacial future last year when the Republicans made the program exorbidently more expensive not only with the addition of the Rx drug benefit, but, also by putting in language that prevented the Government from competitive bidding for the cost of benefts and prescriptions.

Bush's Big Gamble

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The President took to TV this week to try to shore up his and the GOP Congress' poll numbers damaged by his privatizing of Social Security plan. He proposed a plan to save Social Security by cutting benefits. And why is cutting benefits necessary? So that taxes could be cut, yet again. The goal has not changed. The President is still intent on dismantling Social Security. This is just another approach to do so piecemeal, which permits him to lie through his teeth using the words, "Our duty to save Social Security begins with making the system permanently solvent..."


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