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There is nothing as depressing as to be right about calamity foreseen and have such warnings go unheeded. To see what is coming, take advantage, and walk away, allows one to feel intelligent, profit from the knowledge, and avoid looking back at the suffering of others who didn't see what is happening. This, of course, would be the corporate executives and Republicans in power who fought against regulation and oversight since 1994, and won.

Below is an excerpt of an open letter written by Ralph Nader. No he is not dead or faded away. He has been immensely busy touring the country to raise money to pay off his campaign debts. It is truly a shame that American political offices can no longer be attained by regular working men and women. One must be a millionaire or have access to that kind of loose cash lying around, to even contemplate a run for federal office. But let's listen to Ralph in his own words...

I respected Ralph Nader immensely and he got my vote, which made me one of the few, one of the proud. But, many voters who respect Ralph Nader and his attempts to break up the duopoly and reverse the extremely dangerous road President Bush has put us on financially and internationally, could not justify voting for him given their desire to unseat Bush with a vote for Kerry. As we now know, a vote for Kerry instead of Nader made no difference. But if voters respect Nader and want to see him involved in 2008, it is time put up, or he will be shut up for good.

Nader's campaign incurred a fairly sizeable debt. Nader and his campaign folks have been tireless in their efforts to generate sufficient contributions to qualify for matching funds from the US Government. They have achieved 2/3 of their goal. Now, a deadline looms for the matching funds. The Nader campaign must raise the other 1/3 by March 1, just 12 days away, or face losing the matching funds. If that happens, America may not hear from Nader again in 2008 as the debts will be too large to launch another campaign on behalf of non-Bush supporters. Now is the time to save Nader's intelligent and pragmatic voice for the 2008 election. Now is the time to put up to demonstrate that third parties in America will not be denied. Now is the time to go to Nader's contribution web page make that contribution to insure third parties will still have a voice in America.

Nader On A Roll

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Ralph Nader will appear on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on CNN this Sunday, April 18 beginning at 1:15 eastern time (check your local listings).

Just received an email from Nader's campaign announcing his launching of a campaign to call for an impeachment inquiry of Pres. Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney. Apparently it only takes 1 member of the House of Rep.'s to call for the inquiry to start the process of investigation.


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