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Too Little, Too Late

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Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff announces recall of FEMA Director Michael Brown from overseeing Gulf Coast remedial efforts. He heads back to D.C. where he will continue to direct all other aspects of FEMA. Vice Admiral Thad Allen from the Coast Guard will supervise the FEMA effort in the Gulf Coast. Which begs the question: If a terrorist bomb is released in Los Angeles tomorrow, won't too little, too late Michael Brown respond with the same lack of experience as he did in the Katrina disaster?

It is a free country still, and folks can say what they want. Attacking officials now responsible for saving lives, reducing suffering, and bringing order back to the chaos called Katrina, cannot serve a positive purpose at this time. More importantly attacking such officials increasing their stress and diverting their attention could possibly interfere with efforts to aid and serve those most in need at this time. Governors Haley Barbour (R) of Mississippi and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) of Louisiana have many sleepless nights of worry, stress, and difficult decision making ahead of them, and I would call on the media, the pundits, and most especially political competitors to exercise the greatest of civility in assessing and evaluating the rescue efforts underway.

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