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With the failure of inclusion of the Public Option in the Senate's committee Health Care Reform bill, the 'blue dog' Democrats in the Senate have thrown the Health Care Reform measure into Obama's lap to throw back to Congress or sign. This is a very interesting new chapter begun in the Health Care Reform journey.

The Right continues its lies, misrepresentations, and distortions, with passion in the hours after Obama's speech. Is Obama being honest with Americans, though? The all-seeing, all knowing Right which, can look into Vladimir Putin's eyes and see there a friend and honest person to work with, of course, will say Obama is not being honest. But, the simple fact is, until there is a bill with Obama's signature making it law, there is no way to determine of Obama is being honest, or not, with the public.

scale-ass-elephant.jpgI heard Sen. David Vitter (La.) and other Republicans at a TownHall last Friday on C-Span threaten their Republican constituents with a $239 Billion Deficit (over 10 years) as the cost of Democrats' Health Care Reform public option. So, I pulled out my calculator. 239 billion, divided by 10 years, divided by 140 million tax payers, comes out to $170 per tax payer, per year, in increased taxes, and voila!. Universal health care coverage and no deficit required.

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