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As early as 8PM this evening, we may have clear indications as to who our next president may be. Be that as it may, there are an enormous number of other important races and candidates to be determined from the Eastern most point of Maine to the Western most tip of Hawaii. For 10's of millions of Americans today, a case of the blues will try to settle in because their horse didn't cross the finish line in first place. But, this election is as much about process as results. And the process, though in desperate need of reform, continues to work.

As always, elections are about variables so myriad as to make polling effective only in trend for some elections, and entirely unreliable in others. It appears to me this 2008 election however, is about a crisis in confidence toward authority and the presidential winner will be the person having shown the most credible judgement.

McCain/Palin and other Republican politicians running for office are throwing the 'socialist' tag at their Democratic opponents in the hopes it will stick to voter's foreheads while lining up to vote. Rather odd and illogical tactic unless they are targeting voters who have been oblivious to the socialist doubling of the national debt by Republicans these last 7 and 3/4 years.

Most American tax payers could not give a definition of the term "opportunity cost". Just as most Americans could not tell you what al-Queda was, prior to 9/11, 2001. Not knowing however, did not stop al-Queda from attacking America, and not knowing what opportunity cost is, will not stop those oppressive and suffocating costs from forcing future tax increases on income earners in America and pushing the nation toward bankruptcy.

Obama - McCain Debate 3

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Each candidate held their own. A few more contrasts and details were made available. The format was a bit more interesting, and the questions were superior to previous debates. Below are the responses I recorded as the debate was taking place.

McCain - put a floor under falling homeowner values. Use 300 billion to buy mortgages of homeowners whose homes are, or will be foreclosed upon.

Obama - Rescue Bill was first step. A rescue package needed for the Middle Class too, focused on jobs, tax cut for those making under $200,000 per year. Renegotiate mortgages for foreclosing homeowners without bailing out the banks. Fix energy, health, and education as long term steps to strengthen our economy.

America has a future. American's have a future. In many ways, it will not look like our past. What is happening right now is a revolution, a political, economic, and cultural revolution. There is no choice about it. When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, certain concepts and ideas were put to the test, and in 2007 and 2008, those concepts and ideas brought our economy crashing down, driving 10's of millions of voters to leave the two major political parties, and opening the door to dramatic cultural change going forward.

Obama didn't so much win this debate, as McCain failed in it. There was very little new to be heard from Sen. Obama, though he made a couple positions clearer to the audience. But, Sen. McCain's falling poll numbers required him to turn the table in this debate, and he did not. If anything, he raised new doubts about his candidacy as he unleashed a new spending program in tonight's debate.

BailOut Bill of the Century

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How would you vote on the "Work Out", "Bail Out", "Rescue Bill"? It has many names, but, its purpose is to free up money for lending so that our economy does not fail in the weeks and months to come. Below, courtesy of Politico.Com, are how some notable scholars and educated folks would vote:

Bailout: Rogue Republicans

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Failure to pull together a bill by Sunday Night, the opening of Asian markets, will have a trigger effect on international banking. How bad, how deep, and how fast the domino effect will occur remains to be seen. But, the obstacle is the Rogue Republicans insisting that private investors (friends and lobbyists of theirs) get a piece of this discounted real estate pie that could produce handsome profits down the road.

McCain: Know Him By His Staff

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To know McCain, one must know his staff and who his advisers are. McCain's staff has experienced several shake ups in the last year. When the data show McCain is losing, McCain dumps moderate and independent thinking staff and brings on ever more former George W. Bush staff. What is remarkable is the utter disconnect between what McCain says on the stump, and what his advisers represent policy advocacy. Let's take a look at McCain's staff and what they likely represent in advice to McCain.


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