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Back in 2006, I wrote at WatchBlog, of a coming market and economic downturn and warned 401K investors that 2006 was the time to start unloading stocks from their 401K's. If you followed that advice, transferring funds from stocks to bonds and fixed funds, your 401K is still intact, and you made money in the interim. I am pleased to now write it is time for 401K investors to start transferring fund balances back into stocks. I don't have a crystal ball. I base this recommendation on Fortune Magazine's chart, Warren Buffet's wisdom, and my own education and experience in economics. Details follow.

Larry, Moe, and Curly were more commonly known as The 3 Stooges in their hilarious 1950's and 1960's black and white movies full of error, stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, and slap stick. Well, they are back and running for re-election under different names today, like Santorum, Stabenow, and Lieberman. But, it is not funny anymore.

The American tax payers shelled out 100's of billions of dollars to politicians and intelligence agency personnel for the express purpose of preventing a 9/11 from happening in America. Most of those politicians and personnel are still in office today, many are running for re-election. It would be hilarious if it were not so tragic that their 3 stooges routines leave our nation and her people nearly as vulnerable to attack today, as we were on September 10, 2001.

Insulting our Troops

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Sen. Kerry, whether a lame joke or, spontaneous lapse of judgment by going off script, made the appearance of insulting the intelligence of young men who join the military for a $45,000 sign up bonus. Obviously, it is not dumb to give one's signature away for $45,000, unless doing so costs you your life or limbs, sight or hearing, or severe burns. Even that is not dumb, just a poor bargain.

But, let's be clear! Kerry is not running for anything. More importantly, it is the Republican leadership who are spending our soldier's lives while waiting for some divine inspiration on how to bring closure between the greatest military on earth and this little podunk country called Iraq. If anyone is disrespecting our American soldiers, insulting them with unnecessary casualties and death, it is the GW Bush company in the White House.

Corruption in our government is reaching new proportions surrounding the "Duke" Cunningham investigations. Foley cover-up aside, DeLay, Jefferson, and Abramoff investigations on hold, (could the elections have anything to do with this?), the Cunningham investigations are widening to uncover the many other government officials required to permit Cunningham's bribes to have succeeded.

Strategies are flying around this country like a locust storm. Different strategies for different politicians in different districts makes them so numerous as to require a book to cover even half of them. However, there are some core strategies underpinning campaigns for different parties, which I will call Distance, Record, and Coalition.

Did he really say that?
The NY Times quote of the day has this:

"I just follow my own common sense. And the hell with the law." -- THOMAS R. BUCKLEY, a longtime justice in Dannemora, N.Y.

Voters want Choice?
Many voters say there isn't much choice. But, the fact is, there are 33 U.S. Senate seats up for election this November with 259 candidates in the race for those seats. There's plenty of choice. But, with incumbents and a few wealthy challengers saturating the media, it is up to the voters to seek out the less well funded candidates - that is, if a choice is what they seek. For many, homework is an excuse sought to just not vote at all. High School habits?

Voters Will Have Their Say

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MSNBC has an article about the anti-incumbent sentiment which includes a number of quotes from voters. MSNBC's article, Anti-incumbent Sentiment Widespread, projects a stage set for another rout at the polls on Nov. 7, as anti-incumbent poll numbers at this time are greater than in 1994, which swept Republican challengers into the majority of Congress.

The following voter's quote from the MSNBC article pretty much says it all, and repeats what Vote Out Incumbents Democracy has known since its inception in Oct. of 2005:

Across the park, Curtis Kelley, 62 and "mostly a Democrat," was down on the president and his opinion of lawmakers on Capitol Hill was almost as negative.

"I don't have any confidence in them either," Kelley said, as he worked at the dock on the park's 188-acre lake. But, he said, voters share some of the blame. "We don't hold them accountable."

The polls indicate, more voters than ever will be holding them accountable on Nov. 7.

Our leaders feel guilty for allowing 9/11 to happen. Our leaders feel unworthy of the roles they hold in our government. Our leaders, confused by these feelings of guilt and unworthiness, are grasping to make it better.

But, they are doing so without reference or consultation with our forefathers, who knew the world is a dangerous place. And it takes a brave and courageous people to choose to live free in it. Freedom carries risk. Freedom or security. You know what the safest place in the United States is? Solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. Not even terrorists have designs on such a place.

Congress: Corruption as Usual

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Some appalling things are happening this week in Congress every voter should be aware of.

The first item is the Wilson FISA reform measure. This is a bill fashioned by the White House, which Democrats and a few Republicans fear would virtually eliminate FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court), by removing the power of the president regarding electronic surveillance from oversight and restraint by Congress and the Judiciary. Last minute language changes in the so called reform, would create a perpetual state of emergency, and allow the president to wiretap anyone, anywhere, without a warrant, court review, or observance of Congressional restraint while operating in that state of emergency. Emergencies are defined so broadly that an attack by terrorists on our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan would open a 45-day state of emergency.

Everytime I give my 15 year old daughter permission to participate in the band at games in the Alamodome, I worry about her safety, think about it, weight it, analyze it, and then give her my permission to live free and play her heart out. It's my way of saying to the terrorists, "Screw You".

I haven't flown a plane since 9/11, and won't again until all of the hassles and checks and confiscations of personal property are withdrawn. It is not the terrorists that prevent me from flying. Not flying is my way of saying to my government that insists on restricting the freedoms I enjoyed before 9/11, "Screw You" and your cowardly ways. I would rather be dead from a terrorist attack than to live my life in fear of my travelling companions and fellow Americans carrying nail clippers and shampoo bottles.


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