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Voter On A Mission

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I saw my wife off to work and my daughter off to school this morning from our home in the hill country North of San Antonio, Texas. I donned a sweater, got in my pickup and headed out for the Volunteer Fire Dep't. station where I could cast my vote. I was highly motivated for the 5 mile drive, having written about American politics and this Election Day for over a year now. I arrived and got in line. I was the 41st person in line at 7:15 AM. I wondered how long I would have to wait.

Vote! I can't get too excited about going to vote for Kerry or Bush, but, there are a number of other offices on the ballot and some state issues and candidates that are very important close to home. If the Presidential election has turned you off, don't let it stop you from going to vote on all these other ballot initiatives, local issues, and federal, state, and local officials. It really is a very important election even if Bush and Kerry both lost to Mickey Mouse.

A vote for Bush is a vote for Koffi Annan remaining the head of the U.N. or his being replaced by another nation's nominee. A vote for Kerry is a vote that opens the potential of former President Bill Clinton being nominated to lead the United Nations as its new Secretary General. I have had a hard time finding any really important reason for supporting Kerry aside from sending Bush back to Crawford. But, now that there is some reliable scuttlebutt from United Press International about Clinton going for the U.N. position, supporting Kerry just got a whole lot more palatable.

Kris Kobach (R) has come out in support of a policy I have advocated since before the invasion of Iraq. Kobach is calling for putting troops on our borders and shutting out potential terrorists and a huge drain on the American economy through illegal immigration. Finally, a Republican who has taken up the right side of an issue which I can wholeheartedly support.

In these days of great change, challenge, and tumult, it is understandable that Americans are confused by the dizzying amount of news and counter-news, legislation and counter-amendments, and the too often complete disconnect between what we expect of government and what we get from government. A great deal of this confusion stems from our incredible degree of dependence upon what others tell us about what to think and how to think about it.

Is God Voting For Bush?

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Four years ago, God likely noticed that George W. Bush wasn't too bad as Texas Governor despite his love of death penalties, and he too was a 'born again'. So, God was surely pleased to see George become President with a little help from the Supreme Court, though it was touch and go there.

Four years later, God might be conceding that his faith in George wasn't enough to keep George on the straight and narrow. God was surely proud of how George responded to 9/11. While God does not condone war, he surely turned an understanding eye to George's invasion of Afghanistan. After all, God must believe in democracy too, and most of the world cheered George on in going after the terrorists and their sponsors, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. But, did George then lose his way on the path of righteousness?

On November 2, you can vote for Sen. John Kerry and bankrupting America. Or, you can vote for Bush and bankrupt America twice as fast. This is according to new research and reports from government agencies and other institutions who are adding up the numbers of Kerry and Bush campaign promises. In the final analysis, if Bush wins, our national debt will reach over 11 Trillion dollars and under Kerry about 9 trillion dollars, so far.

Polls simply cannot predict this presidential race. Below are comments from voters that demonstrate why that is. Two examples from Republicans follow:

"We were given the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction, but where are they? They said they were so sure. When I was over there I looked. I was on an intelligence gathering team, we all looked. We found nothing. It was just a lie. That wasn't a proper use of American troops. It wasn't a proper use of my life, my friends' lives, or the Marines I saw die around me."-- Lee Buttrill, Sergeant, USMC, Iraq War Veteran

The month of August was a robust month for political campaigning in America. Many of us were focused on what the candidates and campaigns had to say. Though more difficult, it is as instructive and educational for making a rational vote to listen for what isn't said. What isn't said is usually what campaigners want to hide from voters.

Kerry-Bush Both Win!

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Kerry wins popular vote, Bush wins Electoral College! It is really starting to look like this is going to be the headline on November 4, 5, 6, or 7. It won't be on November 3 due to likelihood of protests over vote counting and allegations of voter fraud. There are 7.2 million Americans living overseas and more of them are likely to vote this year than in 2000. That will delay results a bit as well.


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