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Louisiana Oil Wash.jpgPut aside the finger pointing. Let's look to a permanent solution to British Petroleum's catastrophe and others which will surely follow if the status quo prevails. The heart of the problem is not difficult to grasp, and the solution rests with the voters.

Political Decisions

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Political decisions must, by definition in a diverse society, alienate some in that society. This truism is dictated by the concept of opportunity cost. For those without business school backgrounds, opportunity cost is the cost of not having selected the other choices. Every decision anyone ever makes, carries an opportunity cost. Example: The wife takes the shortest route to work. In doing so, she avoids alternative longer routes which may make her drive more interesting, less hazardous as the lesser traveled routes, or less fortuitous in passing up the opportunity to give Bill Gates a ride after his HumV broke down, which he appreciates with a sizable thank you check of a million dollars.

What an incredibly controversial topic education is in America. Any attempt to discuss education in a public forum usually devolves into debate and heated contention. The reason is that a great many Americans don't trust others to educate their children, and many a school personnel are witness to some horrible parenting at home.


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