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Partisan is Extremist.

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Most everyone is concerned the extremists on the other side are going to destroy it all for everyone. Republicans fear the Democrats and their socialized answers. Democrats fear the Republicans and their intent to bankrupt the government through the absence of taxes. Looking at such folks in the following way, will make such folks extremists as well.

One Congressman says worriedly to another, walking briskly down to the House Floor, "Is my face red? I spent the whole morning in session with our Chinese lobbyist. Great deal. But, God, I hope it doesn't show."

National Journal reports in an article entitled, Under The Influence, that during the year of the Health Care Reform debate 2009, "The Chamber [of Commerce] spent $123.3 million on all lobbying activities, compared to $62.3 million in 2008, according to lobbying disclosure forms."

Failure in Washington is not an option. America last year finished its long circular journey from 1940 to return to the precipice of national collapse. Unlike 1929, however, instead of taking that next drop off step, we sidestepped along the edge of the precipice, where we still remain today; at the edge.

Kicking the 'Dog'

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Most of us witnessed someone getting angry at someone else they can't strike out at, and going home and kicking the dog, instead. Poor dog. Nancy Pelosi has become the Republican's dog they love to kick because they can't seem to land a blow on Obama. She is a liberal and a female with power in a traditional man's role, and for many Republicans, that makes her the 'bitch' they love to kick if they can't undo Obama.

Eric Cantor - Pelosi Speech, Courtesy Reuters.jpg Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor don't realize it just yet, but they just handed the keys to the kingdom to the Democrats. And if Democrats don't get the cooperation from the GOP on Thursday, they will use those keys in crafting their own solution giving the people what they expected, and then let Republicans balk and wear the consequences for a failed economy for decades to come.

Obama's Brilliant Speech

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Obama-Acceptance-Speech - courtesy WaPo.jpgSen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech was vastly more than that. And it was vastly more than a list of political promises. It was a solemn promise to America that this election is not about him, it is about us. It is about whether we choose the change we all know is desperately needed or, we respond to the fears his opponents will attempt to instill in us, to not take a chance on change. It was brilliant, truthful, and hit to the core of what this election is truly about.


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