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Many civilizations in history, which failed in the absence of being conquered, faced the same 'Zenith Threat' America faces today. Confronted with the threat of leaving their prosperity zenith behind, their civilization divides. Divided, civilizations fail from within. What divides nation's in the face of a Zenith Threat, is two different ways of knowing and consequent prescriptions. I define these two ways of knowing as empiricists and 'wishful believers'. If 'wishful believers' capture control of the nation's decision making apparatus, that civilization fails. America is currently an example of a nation in the throes of a Zenith Threat, with its divisive and hence, potentially negative consequences.

We knew it from polls dating back to the Bush Administration which indicated the majority of Americans supported the Public Option for health care reform, Medicare cannot be politically, eliminated. Why Rep. Paul Ryan and the GOP chose to ignore that public reality, and put forth and pass a Republican bill in the House to get rid of Medicare in favor of a voucher private sector system, can only be answered with one word, Ideology.

I was amazed to read on CNN Money's web site, how much money Americans are wasting on habitual behaviors of choice. I recommend reviewing this list of money savers, to see if you might be able to pocket another few hundred to thousand per year for something really special and meaningful, and for no more than the cost of being aware.


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Until this last week, many in the media appeared to be ignoring, or failing to connect the dots behind the GOP's efforts to bring America to a standstill. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan Republicans are putting in place measures to increase unemployment by laying off public service workers, or, at the very least, deny them wages and benefits that defined them as Middle Class. Republicans in Congress are in concert attempting to shut down the federal government, following the chant of Tea Party rally participants to: Cut it (the budget) or Shut it (the government).

No Nukes

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Nuke Plant locations. Courtesy: INSC

Japan is issuing America due notice! Build new nuclear power plants at your citizen's peril. The message could not be clearer. But, there are powerful money interests intent on proliferating nuclear power in America, nonetheless, and they will be tough to turn down. Let's look at the facts and weigh them against the perils and benefits.

Republicans and Democrats are both pandering away America's future. Who they pander to and for whose benefit, is what distinguishes them from each other.

National Infrastructure

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Freeway Interchange
Freeway Interchange

Can America afford to allow its infrastructure to deteriorate further? Can America afford not to innovate and upgrade and reinvent its infrastructure? Can America even afford infrastructure modification while government debt continues to climb? These are huge and far reaching questions. Let's take a shot at answering them.

Investing and Politics

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Capitol-Markets.jpgIf folks stowed their money away in fixed rate investments during the latter part of the Bush economy, and then reallocated that money into stock investments for the Obama economy, those folks have to be pleased at having saved as much as a 50% loss at the end of the Bush economy, and approaching as much as a 50% gain during this Obama economy, starting in March of this year.

Of course, President's don't control the stock markets. Myriad factors, most knowable, some not, play roles in the direction of market investments. The trick is to acknowledge and accept the trends without prejudice, political or otherwise. As far back as 2006 and 2007, there were clear indications the Bush economy was going to implode.

The House narrowly passed what has long been considered to be an impossible bill to push through during a recession. It was bi-partisan in its passage, as 8 Republicans voted for it, and 44 Democrats voted against it. However, this sweeping energy innovation and climate protection bill, faces a short life as it heads to the Senate later this year.

Congress is working on reforms to be applied to the credit card industry. Good. They need it. But, when it became clear that the government was going to bail out floundering corporations, did credit card companies begin to make themselves insolvent in order to get in line for tax payer dollars? With a few exceptions, the credit card companies did not begin to shut down consumer credit until government handouts were known to be coming and the recession underway.


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