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Debate on the House floor regarding the proposed 825 billion dollar economic stimulus and investment package demonstrated that most Congress persons haven't read it, even fewer understand it, and none can provide any rational assurance it will have the intended effect. Yet, they debated with misinformation, deceptions, and prophecies as to the outcome of such spending. It is necessary to lay down some facts, even if our representatives are bereft of them.

I Object.

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This is the refrain of many remaining Republicans in the House and Senate in the new session of Congress. While they would not confess to such, their reason for objecting is about keeping some semblance of purpose. If they didn't object, what purpose would they serve? But, it would behoove Republican supporters to insist that their Republican representatives at least make the attempt to find sound reasons for objecting to the actions of the Democratic majority. That really should not be too much to ask.

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