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The President, once again, displayed a horrible lack of knowledge and inability to lead the country in the right direction in his State of the Union Speech this evening. He recited a long list of new foreign and domestic spending programs without once uttering a word as to how they would be paid for. Glaringly, the President proposed, no new taxes, spend, spend, spend, and almost in the same breath, let's balance the budget after he leaves office.

Since, the President said up front there should be no tax increases, we can set that aside as a given. Also, we can set aside as a given his proposal to balance the budget in 5 years. Now for the rest of the speech full of new and more spending.

There was nothing new in President Bush's speech. Nothing! He is still contradicting his previous self. He still refuses to represent the American people, 7 out of 10 of whom, want our part in this Civil War to end. He is still replacing experience which disagrees with him, with new Generals who won't, for awhile. He is still committed to staying in Iraq until he leaves office. He is still willing to spend soldier's lives for his legacy. The only thing new is the constitutional crisis.

About two years ago Pres. Bush said increasing troops would make the Iraqis more dependent on Americans. A direct contradiction to his speech last night in which he calls for an escalation of our troops involvement while saying it will help the Iraqis get independent control.

Turned on the news this morning and I thought for a moment I was in the wrong decade. Republicans and Democrats, shoulder to shoulder, standing toe to toe against President Bush? Did I awake in a parallel universe by mistake?

Senators Feinstein (D), Hatch (R), Harkin (D), and Spectre (R), all at the same lectern on C-Span calling for the President to put away his veto pen on stem cell research? Had to be a dream. No, checked my TIVO, and sure enough, there it is again. No mistake. Unbelievable.

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