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No End to Wasted Tax Dollars

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"This strongly suggests that we're buying the wrong stuff, the wrong way, possibly from the wrong contractors, and failing to check before, during or after," said Charles Tiefer, an expert on government contracting who teaches at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

This quote is from a Washington Post article yesterday, covering Dept. of Homeland Defense contracting procedures which leave contracts unenforceable due to their not even being able to find the contracts for which billions of our tax dollars were doled out. 33 of 72 contracts selected for review could not be found.

Put On a Happy Face

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Bush's government is trying to put a happier face on the report that 35 million Americans had trouble putting food on the table this last year. In all previous years, this was referred to as the Hunger Report. This year, the White House's creative agents decided to put a happier face on this report calling it instead, "the very low food security" report.

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