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The latest White House spokesman, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, revealed the essential nature of current foreign and domestic security policy yesterday in a speech before the American Legion's national convention, yesterday. His central theme was terrorists, and his strategy was to invoke fear. Secretary Rumsfeld likened our war against terrorists and in Iraq to that of WWII, alluding to the prospect of Islamic Fascism seeking to take over the world and subjecting freedom loving people's everywhere to their fascist regimes. This was quite illuminating for its glaring falsehood and overreaching.

One huge glaring error was comparing Islamic terrorists today to the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy and to Imperial Japan of the 1930's. These were nation states which sought to overpower the militaries and the people of other nation states and incorporate them, subjugating their people's to their expanded nation state's regime. Terrorists today are nation less, and lack military power and might to annex other nations and subjugate their peoples. So, why do Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rice, all of whom have made similar arguments this week, create this false image for public consumption? There are at least two reasons, military expansion, and fear of the American population.

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