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Bush's Katrina Speech

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Bush showed up ready for work. Blue collar, unbuttoned, and sleeves rolled up. The symbolism of a blue collar worker showing up ready for work, was unmistakable. But, like a blue collar worker who shows up for work a week late, he should be fired. While the President focuses on remedying his poll numbers and Katrina's devastation, it was obvious the far greater threat to America, total debt, is not even on his radar scope.

Bush Playing Blame Game

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President Bush said this morning, that he will lead the investigation, when it is time to do so, to find out what went right, and what went wrong with government's preparations and response to Katrina. He said we must know what went wrong so we can be ready if another catastrophe, WMD or natural occurs.

There are a number of problems with the Presidents thinking revealed by his statements this morning. The president is making a huge mistake assuming that there is time to put off the investigation before the next catastrophe occurs. With the CIA saying, al-Queda are in the U.S., the President must demonstrate the ability and willingness to do more than one thing at a time.

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