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There's been such a large number of important and disturbing news stories this last week, I couldn't decide which to choose from. But, they need discussion and to be noticed on the political radar screen. So, here is a list of what appears to be the major bogey's coming in to view.

Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice win the incredible award for stories this week, as a new poll shows: While Cheney said in an interview in late May that it's "in its last throes," only a quarter of Americans agree. And while Rice said success in Iraq "will be a death knell for terrorism as we know it," again only about a quarter of the public believes that defeating the insurgents in Iraq would do a great deal to defeat terrorism more generally, beyond Iraq's borders. Perhaps Americans aren't as gullible as I and many others here have given them discredit for. It is just too bad the American people lost their faith in the Administration after the November elections. I won't call Americans gullible anymore, just slow!

President Bush this last week states Social Security Privatization must come to pass. He also said he sees progress in the war on terrorism. And for all his criticism of activist judges, he pledges to Congress to consult with them on judicial nominees but litmus tests will remain in his selections. So, is he going blind or is it brain atrophy in need of a transplant?

Social Security:
Practically speaking, Pres. Bush has all but guaranteed by his refusal to take privatization of Social Security off the table, that Soc. Sec. reform will not happen on his watch. When all is said and done, that will likely be a good thing. As long as privatization remains on the table, Congress will lack sufficient votes to pass reform prior to next years Congressional elections.

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