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As I see it we have 3 choices regarding reforming the UN.

Choice 1 - tell them to change or we will withdraw support. That is a false choice since that will leave a UN in greater hands of those who would oppose our interests. Also sets a dangerous precedent for our allies. The last thing the US and freedom loving people need is a United Nations Against The US (UNATUS), despite the fact that it 3/5 of the way already exists.

Choice 2 - Go in demanding changes and backing those demands up with threat. In the end, this choice has the same outcome as choice 1 above.

Choice 3 - Send a representative to the UN who will demonstrate to the world that the US will lead by example, doing what we ask others to do, and promising only what we can back up with integrity and actions. Also send a representative who is as much like PT Barnum as we can find.

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