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Quality of life and even life itself depends directly in America upon money. President Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans are going to cost other Americans dearly in terms of quality of life and even life itself. Whenever an administration puts foreign affairs ahead of domestic priorities, it will increase tax payer dollar spending in foreign lands and decrease the services and benefits to the tax payers here at home. This is in fact an accurate depiction of the President's 2006 Budget which again will set a new record deficit.

According to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing this morning, the President's budget seeks to cut Veteran's benefits in some ways to include a two year limit on eligibility for health care and reducing VA health workers by 3700 even as patient load is expected to increase. Long term care Veterans will be booted from the system by the President's Budget as the per diem funding to states is reduced at the same time most states are scrambling desperately to keep their budgets from sinking. Should the wealthy keep their tax cuts while Veteran's go without?

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