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(Reuters) - The White House estimated on Tuesday that the U.S. budget deficit for 2005, including an extra $80 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations, will total $427 billion.

"In the 2006 budget that we release on Feb. 7, OMB will estimate that the 2005 deficit, including the outlay effects from the supplemental we are discussing today, will be 3.5 percent of GDP or in nominal terms $427 billion," said a senior administration official in a news briefing.

The President's Inaugural Speech was not specific on foreign policy plans. It was full of promise for liberating oppressed peoples in the world using the words freedom and liberty numerous times to describe America's foreign policy goals. The Constitution of the U.S. does not contain any such mandates to liberate peoples of other nations.

The Constitution does not outline war as a virtue in the name of freeing people from their governments. The Constitution of the U.S. does outline the duties and responsibilities of our government to protect and defend our nation and to engage in international trade and trade regulation. So, where does the President get his mandate for liberating the world's peoples and mirroring their governments, cultures, and societies to reflect our own?

The amount of disturbing news this last week has been a bit overwhelming. Water, Inaugural, Money, and Reform were all key stories that deserve more scrutiny and should be raising alarms. Water - President Clinton is seeking $45 million to provide clean, safe drinking water to Tsunami victims in the Indian Ocean region. That should is good news. But, this week also saw our government pooh pooh reports of airline diesel fuel in American drinking water nationwide.

Here is a quote from the Washington Post article:

Perchlorate has been found in at least 35 states, and more than 11 million people have significant levels in their drinking water. The Food and Drug Administration also recently found the substance in milk and lettuce.
At high doses, perchlorate can interfere with the thyroid gland, which helps regulate many bodily functions. Animal studies have suggested it could cause thyroid tumors. In children, the thyroid plays a major role in development, raising fears that exposure to perchlorate by pregnant women and young children could cause brain damage.

The U.S. opened a Pandora's Box when it developed and used nuclear weapons in WWII and then utterly failed in its nuclear non-proliferation efforts. President Bush is bankrupting America with a "star wars" defense system which has seen billions wasted on basic tests of the system which failed. Now, Russia has made the "star wars" defense system obsolete before we can even get a defensive missile to even marginally work the way it is supposed to.

The "star wars" (National Missile Defense NMD) system has been criticized as a horrible investment of tax dollars by scientists and experts since its introduction in the Reagan years. Now, will Bush finally give it up and stop this hemorrhage of wasteful tax spending?

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