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The alleged sexual crimes committed against children at Penn State have been called sexual abuse and scandal. They are in fact, alleged crimes and torture of children. They are heinous, if the allegations are true. Outside an institution with a reputation and integrity to protect, almost any witness to such crime would call the police. Inside institutions of repute, however, too many such crimes against women, men, and children, go unreported, and covered up. Are our institutions more important than the innocent people harassed, abused, or even tortured, within them? So far, the answer seems to be, yes.

We knew it from polls dating back to the Bush Administration which indicated the majority of Americans supported the Public Option for health care reform, Medicare cannot be politically, eliminated. Why Rep. Paul Ryan and the GOP chose to ignore that public reality, and put forth and pass a Republican bill in the House to get rid of Medicare in favor of a voucher private sector system, can only be answered with one word, Ideology.

Mayhem in Tucson

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Credit: James Palka/AP

It can be truthfully said that the political rhetoric in America using terms of violence and combat, do contribute to our long history of political violence. Should politicians avoid such rhetoric? The answer is yes, if they are to be responsible public leaders, seeking to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and its intents.

Eric Cantor - Pelosi Speech, Courtesy Reuters.jpg Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor don't realize it just yet, but they just handed the keys to the kingdom to the Democrats. And if Democrats don't get the cooperation from the GOP on Thursday, they will use those keys in crafting their own solution giving the people what they expected, and then let Republicans balk and wear the consequences for a failed economy for decades to come.

McCain: Know Him By His Staff

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To know McCain, one must know his staff and who his advisers are. McCain's staff has experienced several shake ups in the last year. When the data show McCain is losing, McCain dumps moderate and independent thinking staff and brings on ever more former George W. Bush staff. What is remarkable is the utter disconnect between what McCain says on the stump, and what his advisers represent policy advocacy. Let's take a look at McCain's staff and what they likely represent in advice to McCain.

Sen. Jon Kyl, speaking just an hour ago before the Heritage Foundation of the fearful and war hawks, is using China's test of their capability to take out a satellite, as leverage to move the Administration and State Department back to Reagan's 'Starwars' Space Defense Initiative. He wants money in the budget to fund SDI.

There are so many arguments and reasons why Sen. Jon Kyl's proposal is wrong headed, and irresponsible, I cannot cover them all in a single article. But, here are some of the major problems with his views.


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