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Mayhem in Tucson

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Credit: James Palka/AP

It can be truthfully said that the political rhetoric in America using terms of violence and combat, do contribute to our long history of political violence. Should politicians avoid such rhetoric? The answer is yes, if they are to be responsible public leaders, seeking to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and its intents.

EdwardKennedy.jpgThe passing of Edward (Teddy) Kennedy last night, marks the closing of a long and challenging career in the U.S. Senate, and opens the door for a new generation to take up that role of governance. This peaceful transition of power, unlike that of JFK, marks one of America's great strengths.

McCain/Palin and other Republican politicians running for office are throwing the 'socialist' tag at their Democratic opponents in the hopes it will stick to voter's foreheads while lining up to vote. Rather odd and illogical tactic unless they are targeting voters who have been oblivious to the socialist doubling of the national debt by Republicans these last 7 and 3/4 years.

America has a future. American's have a future. In many ways, it will not look like our past. What is happening right now is a revolution, a political, economic, and cultural revolution. There is no choice about it. When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, certain concepts and ideas were put to the test, and in 2007 and 2008, those concepts and ideas brought our economy crashing down, driving 10's of millions of voters to leave the two major political parties, and opening the door to dramatic cultural change going forward.

A number of items crossed my view in the last 24 hours, which appear to point to a slippage by Republicans over the State of Texas. Yesterday afternoon, I read a newsletter sent me by my State Representative, Carter Casteel. What was surprising was that much of her talk and legislation appears to be championing traditional Texas Democratic Party issues.

This would be laughable were it not for the fact that such Republicans are repeatedly getting their way on issues like this. The Texas Public Policy Foundation, a Republican policy and lobby group is conducting a meeting on May 11, 2005, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 P.M. They are offering a free lunch to offer a policy initiative to exempt Republicans and their businesses from criminal law.

The policy primer's topic is "The Threat of Overcriminalization." Their invitational email states:

This program will address the recent proliferation of criminal laws that regulate business and individual conduct traditionally left to the free market or civil law.

The 62-to-28 vote today marked the second time in less than a year the Senate voted to permit pharmacists to buy prescription drugs in Canada, and resell them in the U.S. By Robert Pear and Robin Toner. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

by David Remer - PoliWatch.Org

Let me get this straight. The House votes to foot 400 quintel-quadrillion of our tax dollars to a Rx drug aid package for senior citizens without any attempt to control the cost of prescriptions, but, the Senate votes to allow Pharmacists to buy discounted exported (from the US) Canadian drugs to resell back to Americans at a discount? Do I have this shell game straight, did I find the Pea? The tax payers are footing a 400 quintel-quadrillion subsidy to American Pharmaceutical Companies? Yep, I found the Pea. One heck of a pill to swallow.

We have got to get The Republicans out of majority control. When we had a divided congress, we Americans were a lot safer and so were our pocketbooks.

Online: Republican senator calls for the development of new technology to remotely destroy computers belonging to illegal music downloaders. [Guardian Unlimited]

Remer's Comments:

The Constitution of the U.S. guarantees citizens protection from the government from loss of life, property or liberty without due process of law. Automated destruction of citizen's computers for alleged illegal file swapping will fail to protect owners of such computers from government abuses. What if actions of another who obtains access to the owner's computer is responsible? Such a law would bypass the judicial system and constitutional protections of due process.


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