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The writings here date back to May of 2003 and are written by by David R. Remer. That's me. I was exposed to some extraordinary college education in philosophy of economics, art, society, science, and religion. One professor in particular, Nikhil Bhattacharya, had a profound effect on me in the early 1980's opening my mind to the value of critical thinking and asking questions which get to the root of things.

In my thirties. college behind me, I began to pay attention to my society, and take an interest in things I never thought I would, like economics, religions, and history. Many years later, I developed something of a skill at this kind of inquiry, seeking meaning and foundation for the news and current events. Writing became a part of my life.

In 2002 I joined a group blog which centered on political debate and discussion called WatchBlog, where a small audience developed.

I later became the managing editor of WatchBlog for 6 years, and founded another web site which eventually evolved into an all volunteer political action committee known as Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy, or VOID, for short. I was accumulating a very large number of articles between these web sites, and set up PoliWatch to become an archive of all my political essays and critiques, (beats reams of paper stacked in the corner creating a fire hazard).

Overtime, the archives of my writings on PoliWatch became rather popular in Google's indexes and others, and the hits on my archives warranted doing something special with the PoliWatch website. In July of 2008, I converted the PoliWatch web site into a group writer all partisan debate web site similar to WatchBlog. It failed to maintain active writers, and within months the site reverted back to being a repository for my political analysis articles.

That is about all there is to say about this blog. There is insight and history in the archives of the writings here, some of which, predate the rest of the country awakening to the meaning of what was going on. In these writings I warned of the economic mortgage and credit crisis coming in Fall of 2006, and of the stock market crash of 2008. I warned that the invasion of Iraq would cost America vastly more than she would ever get back from that folly. And I warned long before the pundits got on board, that Iraq would interfere with, and impede the efforts to stem the spread of terrorism in the world.

No one, I know of, can see the future with certainty. But, it is not difficult to follow trends to their logical conclusion ahead of time, when one peers behind the news events of the day and inquires into their meaning and history. More often than not, such inquiry will lead to an understanding ahead of time, of what is likely to come to pass. America has become, in many ways, a reactionary society, trying to fix crises after they happen, rather than preventing crises in the first place. This is a fundamental cause of the pending economic demise brought on by unsustainable debt and deficits at State and Federal levels of government.

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