Democratic Party in Disarray

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Democrats lost sight of the big picture and failed to use their most powerful campaign tool. They lost huge. There are fundamental reasons they lost. They got lost in their micro-data tools to target voters and failed to offer their greatest asset to motivate voters.

Democrats thought that their Obama machine, which identifies and targets voters down to the block and street address was all they needed to move voters to the polls. They forgot to give their voters a meaningful reason to go vote. The word meaningful here, refers to meaningful to the voters. They offered the democratic leadership's reasons to vote, but, not the reason that would have motivated voters for voters own self-interest, the ECONOMY.

Democrats allowed Republicans to paint the economy as sick and unrecovered from the Great Recession. Polling showed the economy was the most important voting issue for voters. The fact was that the economy is doing just great. But, that was not the perception voters had, thanks to Republicans. GDP went from recession to 3.5% growth during Obama's presidency. Manufacturing jobs are growing again, for the first time in a very long time. Consumer confidence is the highest its been sine the 1990's. The stock market is at record highs, beefing up 401K's and retirement investments. Unemployment went from over 10% down to under 6% in recent years. Deficits have been dropping consistently over the last 4 years. Household debt has been dropping significantly. The U.S. economy is growing while the rest of the world's economies are struggling.

Democrats failed to unite behind this very positive economy as their calling card for the elections, and allowed Republicans to paint Democrats as responsible for a false image of an ailing economy. Democrats lost sight of the forest for the trees, thinking that asking voters to go vote was sufficient, instead of giving them the most powerful reason to go vote, to keep the economic expansion and growth going.

Democrats also failed to paint an optimistic future for voters, while Republicans ran on hope only if voters chose Republicans instead of Democrats. Republican ads were enormously negative but, promised things would get better if they were elected. Democrats sorely abused the confidence of their donors and supporters, and it remains to be seen if they can recover it before 2016.

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