Voter ID has to GO!

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"Elected officials shouldn't get to choose who gets to choose elected officials" --Louis Black. Damn right.

A close friend, born in the U.S., registered in the state of Texas, under Republican's abominable voter ID law, was going to be denied, for the first time in her life, the right to vote in this year's election. Reason: The State of Texas chose to use the first initial of her maiden name as her middle initial, instead of the first initial of her middle name ON HER TEXAS DRIVER'S LICENSE. Her license was going to be presented as her voter ID.

When she contacted officials to see if this would be a problem, they told her yes. She would have to have her driver's license initial changed to use here license as voter ID, at her expense of time and money. Effectively a poll tax.

WELL, justice prevailed. A federal judge has just struck down the Texas Voter ID law. (se link above). My friend will be able to vote. Thank you judge. "Elected officials shouldn't get to choose who gets to choose elected officials". Vote out these incumbents who chose to deny voting to eligible and registered voters. This is not partisan - Democrats are not passing laws to prevent people from voting in an easy and fair manner. Republicans are. Just a fact.

What would happen to America if blue states passed laws saying only the young and minorities shall be allowed to vote, and red states pass laws saying only the elderly whites should be allowed to vote. Politically this would guarantee blue states stay blue, and red states stay red. But, clearly, such actions would flush our democratic processes down the toilet like so much waste from a bygone age. VOTER ID laws have the same effect as the stated above.

In another story today, court tosses Wisconsin's Vote ID law as well citing the law would cause chaos for the elections there.

GAO study found that VOTER ID laws significantly reduced voter participation, especially among the young and African-American voters compared to states without such laws. Study reviewed six states, 4 without and 2 with Voter ID laws in place for the last two elections. We must not allow ANY political party to pass laws that deprive eligible voters their right to vote. Our democratic processes are our greatest strength. Cheating should not be allowed to become the method by which we govern ourselves.


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