Tea Party Has to Go!

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There is a place for idealism and a time for practical solutions. When idealism prevents practical solutions to current and future crises, it loses its entire value. The Tea Party is a case in point.

I railed against national debt and deficits for more than a decade before the rise of the Tea Party. I supported the Tea Party idea of reining in deficits and addressing the national debt. Then the Tea Party got elected and the very quickly, their idealism regarding deficits and debt became the enemy of American pragmatism and reasonable action.

Idealism is useful when it sets the direction that will promote well being. When however, idealism halts all progress because the steps of progress won't yield the ideal here and now, in one fell swoop, that idealism becomes infantile, and obstructionist. The Tea Party in Congress is effectively preventing the Congress from taking any steps toward progress in solving America's challenges.

The Tea Party insists that spending and taxes are bad and cannot be the solution to America's challenges. This position is harming our nation, our people, and our future. Decades ago I set the goal of financial independence. To achieve that goal, I had to go in debt to get my college degree. I had to use credit cards for emergencies not in the budget. Over the decades however, my investments in improving my future paid off, and I was able to marry well, triple my income, and retire early having paid off my debts.

America has to meet its current challenges, invest in future solutions, and design a plan that will allow that prosperous future to unfold while incrementally and simultaneously zeroing out its borrowing, increasing revenues, and paying down our debt. Investing in future prosperity is a concept which the Tea Party can't get their heads around. And because they can't, they are obstructing the path to that future prosperity, by insisting no progress is the better option to incremental progress. This will prove disastrous for America if it continues.

Just as I borrowed and invested in my future with student loans and getting my degree, America has to invest in the economic growth that will produce the revenues that will pay off our national debt. Ignoring deteriorating roads, bridges, electrical, water and sewage systems, in the name of reducing deficit spending destroys our future while shortsightedly fighting deficits in the present. There is spending and costs which we can curtail now, that will not negatively affect our future prosperity. There are ways we can generate more revenue without harming our economic growth present, or future.

Pursuing a smarter strategy like this one, will incrementally zero out our deficits and lower our national debt. As our economy has improved over the last several years, our deficit spending has been going down. We should, then, be legislating for economic growth, not against it. The Tea Party naively believes that just cutting spending will promote growth. That is patently false. If we cut spending on repairing our structures that support business and growth, like roads, electricity, water, and sewage treatment, we will raise the costs for businesses going forward, and reduce economic growth, while at the same time building a massive spending need and tax hikes which will one day have to occur rebuild neglected roads, electricity grids, water and sewage systems.

I have found that spending money on maintaining my car, saves me more money than replacing my car every couple years. And the savings are huge. If I buy a new car every 3 years because lack of maintenance on the old car requires it, I am forever paying interest on the loan for a new car, not to mention losing thousands of dollars in value due to depreciation in the first 3 years of owning the car. Maintaining my old car for 10 years or longer, means I go 7 years without paying interest on any car loan, and the interest savings are far greater than what I pay for oil and filter changes and other maintenance required over that 10 year period. Also, I am paying sales taxes once every 10 years, instead of once every three years. This is smart. Spending money on maintenance is smarter, and far more profitable, than replacing due to lack of maintenance. The Tea Party doesn't believe spending can be a smart way to manage money.

The Tea Party doesn't believe borrowing can actually save money in the long run. But, it can. Borrowing today at low interest to pay for items which are needed and going to be needed in the future when interest rates are far higher, is smart. Yet, the Tea Party leaders reject this approach entirely. Sure, if confronted with such a common sense approach, they will say they agree in order to not look stupid. But, when it comes to voting on such approaches in Congress, the Tea Party wants nothing to do with it. That is why we have to look at what the Tea Party does, and ignore what they say. What they do and what they say, are very often complete opposites.

The Tea Party just this week prevented a 2 Republican bills from being voted on regarding the border immigration crisis. They said we have to do something about it. But, when it came to voting on it, they grouped together and told Speaker Boehner they would not vote for these Republican bills. Boehner, realizing without their votes, the bills wouldn't pass, withdrew the bills from the floor preventing the vote to even take place.

The Tea Party is penny wise, and pound foolish in their refusal to spend and invest in smart ways that will allow the deficits to fall and eventually pay down our national debt. Like all immature idealists, they want what they want and they want it now. In the real world, we have to plan and work over time to get what we want. America's future cannot afford the Tea Party, and neither can the Republican Party, whose hopes for future elections will be dramatically harmed by their attempts to appease the Tea Party minority in their own Party.

We can agree that we want to zero out deficit spending and pay down our national debt. But, it is going to take intelligent, experienced, and practical lawmakers willing to compromise in the short term for incremental gains, to achieve those longer term objectives, one smart step after another. Destroying the economy today to save it tomorrow is about the stupidest political ideology ever to hit the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives. We have to put a stop to this kind of idealistic stupidity.

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