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GOP: Crippled by its base.

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The Republican Party is seriously crippled by its donor and social conservative base. Having failed to muster the will to embrace women's and minority issues was bad, and crippled Republicans in the recent election. However, the GOP's other leg is now evidently crippled by its donor base, (e.g. Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson). House majority leader Boehner evidenced this today with his statement indicating that allowing taxes to increase on the wealthiest is unacceptable.

It is time to itemize this growing list of the dumbest policy ideas floating in the political atmosphere. Hopefully, some who subscribe to these ideas will read this critique and restore their credibility by refusing to float these ideas any further.

The Tea Party will obstruct Obama's agenda. The 'Fiscal Cliff' and immigration reform will be top priorities for Pres. Obama. There is incentive for the GOP to resolve the Fiscal Cliff, however, getting any tax increases on the wealthy to pass the Tea Party and other Grover Norquist puppets, will be the challenge. Immigration reform may prove to be far easier, as the GOP must tap into the Latino vote to win in 2016.

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