Voters Unite!

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Political parties, their candidates and incumbents, have no choice but to divide Americans into opposition camps for the purpose of garnering more votes for their camp than the other camp can muster. This does not, however, require Americans to divide against each other or their common and shared goals. If voters can remain united, while the politicians try to divide them, democracy will function as it was intended, as a check and balance by the people over its elected representatives.

Divided by the parties, Americans get very little of what they desire from government. Think about it. Americans have for centuries, sought prosperity for all its citizens. It is a goal that politicians have never delivered. It is not that this is an unachievable goal. It is that the prescription for fulfilling it, will be opposed by the opposition party. The opposition will divide the voters so that the party prescribing prosperity will be made to appear to be following an entirely different, and nefarious agenda. That is how parties seek election results for their candidates.

Political parties will go to rhetorical war over how to achieve the universal goals of the American people, but, if the people refuse to be divided, they will not entertain the parties differing prescriptions for how to achieve those goals. They will instead, refuse to vote for any and all politicians, of their own or another party, who fail in their term of office to achieve those goals.

If politicians running for reelection, cannot get reelected because the people won't vote for failed results, then the politicians who are elected to replace them will realize they too, have no future in office unless they deliver on the shared goals of the American voters. If voters refuse to be divided, politicians will be forced to compromise with each other, respect each other, and maintain constructive working relationships that fulfill the goals of the American voters. Results becomes their ticket to reelection.

There are some in elected office who are working hard to deprive American citizens of their right to vote. They are working on changing the rules for voting from election to election so that voters don't know what is required of them to vote. The only requirement to vote in America, should be that you are an American and not incarcerated for a crime against the laws of America. Voters beware, if one party can make voting impossible for the other party's voters, that other party can do the same. There is a self-fulfilling prophecy built in to voter suppression that will come back to haunt those who first sought it.

Voters unite. Vote for the right to vote by all Americans, and vote for results, not empty promises. Perfection is not achievable in government, but, freedom to vote and prosperity for the American people are entirely achievable goals. All that stand between the voters and those achievements are the current lot of elected representatives. 


A lot of people have spent a lot of their own time, with no compensation, to try to bring an opposing viewpoint to the table. The majority of voters in this town are uncommitted or republican.It is our mission to provide an alternative to the corruption and mis-management that is the every day practice of the Pennsauken BOE and Township Government. If you prefer to see your tax dollars wasted and corruption continued by all means continue to vote for the Democrats.But before you waste your vote, and our time, I would strongly suggest that you visit the BOE video library on this web site. Pick a meeting. Any meeting. Watch all of it. Then ask yourself if your children's interests are being represented by BOE. If you are happy with what you see, take a bite out of that apple. I'll bet you it is sour !

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