Partisan is Extremist.

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Most everyone is concerned the extremists on the other side are going to destroy it all for everyone. Republicans fear the Democrats and their socialized answers. Democrats fear the Republicans and their intent to bankrupt the government through the absence of taxes. Looking at such folks in the following way, will make such folks extremists as well.

The fear factor is one of the most potent political motivators. Fear causes people to seek each other out to defend each other against those they fear. What could be better for a political party? Not even money can buy that kind of recruitment and loyalty to a political party.

It is not, however, paranoid to fear that whole hog socialism, government taking ownership of the private sector in its entirety, would destroy America. Neither is it paranoid to fear plutocracy and its intrinsic ability to destroy quality of life for most, through the accumulation of power by those motivated by greed.

The facts are however, that most Democrats respect capitalism and its power to drive an economy toward growth, even as they advocate for oversight and regulation to check and balance greed's excesses. It is also a fact that most Republicans do not seek to eradicate socialized programs like the military, public schools, police and fire departments, nor the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Justice Department. Most Republicans want their Social Security to be there when they retire. Most Democrats want job opportunities and financial growth in the private sector to be a fundamental part of their children's lives.

It is fear of extremism that drives people to support the their Party, even when their Party advocates for extreme policies. Millions of otherwise non-extremist Republicans, are going to vote for extremist Tea Party candidates. Millions of Democrats are going to vote for  candidates who will promise not to touch entitlement programs, even though failing to reform them will bring our nation to its knees. In other words, to be partisan is to be extremist, even if one doesn't view them self that way.

The rational voter will look at the candidates, regardless of Party, and ask them self which candidate most reflects the will to protect their interests on issues of greatest importance to the rational voter, knowing that no candidate will stand with them on all the issues. They will vote for that candidate, regardless of which Party's banner that candidate is running under.

This begs the questions, why are voters driven to support extremist elements of their Party, and who is driving them in that direction? The answers are not complicated. Voters are driven to support extremist candidates of their Party because they fear the opposite Party's extremists, even more. As for who is driving them to do so, it is the group of political strategists in each Party and the largest campaign contributors who fund them.

The Koch Brothers have little interest in whether a poor single working mom who already has two children, gets an abortion to prevent being a poor single working mom of three. However, the Koch Brothers have an enormous interest in getting voters to protect Koch Brother's interests, like ending oversight and regulation and corporate and wealthy personal taxes. Hence, it is to the advantage of the Koch Brothers to spend 10's of millions of dollars to hire the political strategists who will deliver voters to the polls on the abortion issue, which also means those voters will vote for Republican candidates who will deliver on cutting oversight and regulation as well as Koch Brothers taxes.

On the other side, the AFL-CIO union, has no interest in killing capitalism. Killing capitalism would spell the end of the need for a union, putting its executives out of a job. The AFL-CIO has little interest in whether gun ownership is restricted or not. A great many of its own union members are gun owners. But, the AFL-CIO does have an interest in government protecting their hard won fight in the last century to collective bargaining with management. The AFL-CIO will spend millions to hire the political strategists for the Democrats who will deliver urban voters to the polls on the gun issue, which also means those voters will vote for Democratic candidates who will support collective bargaining.

In this way, it truly is the largest campaign contributors who are driving voters, using the fear tactics of political strategists against the extremists of the other Party, to vote for the extremists of their own Party. The result is that the majority of Americans vote out of an extreme fear of the extremists of the other Party, and are very willing to turn a blind eye to the dubious and even extreme policies of their own Party's candidates.

In a rational world, people would know that raising taxes on those most able to afford them without loss to their quality of life, is as important to ending the deficits as cutting spending by the government is.

In a rational world, whether or not a woman on the other side of the country has a legal abortion, has absolutely no negative impact on folks on this side of the country.

In a rational world, gun ownership would be legal only for those with the demonstrated capacity and will to use their guns in an ethical and responsible way toward the welfare of others.

In a rational world, it would be obvious that abrupt and absolute austerity in government spending would wreck the economy in the short term, and hamper the long term economic recovery. It would be obvious that to restore economic health, the current sluggish economy would have to be stimulated and the deficits and debt addressed in the longer term through raising taxes when the economy can support them, and cutting spending when workers have jobs and are paying taxes instead of receiving government benefits. In a rational world, only those in dire need would be receiving government assistance to get back on their feet.

In a rational world, voters would not vote for a Party, but, would vote for any candidate who demonstrates the ability and will to represent the highest priority interests of the voter.

But, the first victim of political party politics is rational voting. This is clearly by design at the hands of the political strategists whose rationale is to group people in their Party's camp by highlighting the irrational and extremist views held by some in the other Party. Voting for something positive for self and country, is by far, better than voting against fears propagated by those whose job it is to make you feel very, very afraid of your fellow Americans. Mostly, we all want the same things. We differ on who we trust to make those things happen. And our differences are keeping America from what she needs, a united people.

If I had one question to put before voters, it would be this. How long have you been voting for your Party, and are you better off today than you were before you started voting for that Party? Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result, is Nuts!

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