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GOP, Integrity Lost

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The Republican Party has lost its integrity. All the money of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, will not buy that integrity back. Integrity matters in democratic elections, and will make a difference in the November 2012 election.

With Tea Party challengers in GOP Primaries, and moderate Republican incumbents losing their primary bids, I have to question whether the liberals and Democrats are going to sweep November's elections. Many would argue that is not possible with the gerrymandering and voter suppression acts being implemented in GOP dominated states. However, there are two facts of the current landscape that cannot be ignored.

Our Democracy Sucks

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Liberals vote Democrat. Conservatives vote Republican. And independents slosh back and forth from election to election. This kind of democratic process is responsible for the government nearly everyone dislikes in America. The voters are responsible. Whether they assume that responsibility, has yet to be seen.

No journey is ever begun until hope fills the first steps for reaching the destination.

The American people want a capable government, able to bring back a robust economy, and healthy future for all American's benefit. Poll after poll reflects an approval rating of Congress in the teens or low 20 percent range. It is a gross distraction under any president's administration to accuse the president of being responsible for the incompetence and ineptitude of Congress. Our Constitution stipulates that Congress legislates and our President executes what Congress legislates.

Jon Huntsman Jr.: Courtesy - Wikipedia

Just listened to Presidential hopeful Jon Hunstman, former 16th Governor of Utah, speak on TV. The thrust of his pitch is that our economy is failing to grow for lack of capital (FALSE) and the way to ramp up the economy is to make capital investments from overseas inviting (also FALSE). Jon Hunstman is hitching his aspirations to the old 'trickle down economics' that failed our nation during the Bush years. He probably believes what he is saying, but, here is why you shouldn't.


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