First Steps: Courage and Hope

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No journey is ever begun until hope fills the first steps for reaching the destination.

The American people want a capable government, able to bring back a robust economy, and healthy future for all American's benefit. Poll after poll reflects an approval rating of Congress in the teens or low 20 percent range. It is a gross distraction under any president's administration to accuse the president of being responsible for the incompetence and ineptitude of Congress. Our Constitution stipulates that Congress legislates and our President executes what Congress legislates.

Failure to execute current law is not the source of America's loss of faith in government. An inability and unwillingness of too many in Congress to act in the best interests of all Americans and the nation's pressing needs, is the source of the problem. 

Unless voters can encourage themselves and each other to vote out incumbents routinely, until such time as Congress is filled with new representatives dedicated to the welfare of our nation and all her people, America literally has no plan for curing what ails her. Our Congress is riddled with the cancer of greed and power, money influence and special corporate interests. And that cancer is growing inside our Congressional body. The American voters must administer the radioactive treatment on Election Day after Election Day, that will force this cancer into remission.

It is a daunting task to ask Americans to find hope and courage to act when the fate of our country is looking so bleak. The challenge remains, however, to go out and actively help fellow Americans to accept the reality of this cancer, and to accept the cure. It is a challenge because it calls for voters to abandon political party and ideology. The goal however is worth the challenge. We will restore to our nation a Congress of, by, and for the American people. A daunting task - a worthwhile end.

We each, individually and collectively, will continually suffer the consequences of a failed America. Go forth and vote for individual candidates who are committed to the reforms which will eradicate this cancer growing in our Congress, our political parties, and within the body of our nation's future.

Fear of, and cowering from, the future is not an option. We are not North Koreans. Action requires the courage to step forward. Action requires hope filling the first steps toward achieving the objective. Our forefathers and mothers mustered within themselves the courage and hope to act appropriately when our nation's future was threatened. Are we lesser Americans than they? It is a false pride that says, "I am an American", while failing to act appropriately on America's behalf.

Those of us who understand the truth of what is said here, have a duty and obligation to ourselves and our country, to help our fellow Americans come to the same understanding, regardless of difficulty or hardship.

(This article previously published at Vote Out Incumbents Democracy.)

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