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Occupy_Wall_Street_Crowd_2011.JPGThe Occupy Wall Street movement has gone viral. The core of the movement is centered on the singular perception that it is not healthy for the nation, or majority of Americans, if 1% of the population controls the economy for their own benefit, while the other 99% experience declines in their financial and employment status. It is a perception that is nearly impossible to argue against with a straight face. Where is this movement going, however?

OWS could potentially fizzle with the onset of Winter, making hours outdoors in protest insufferable, if not downright unhealthy. The movement could re-surge next Spring with warmer weather. Lastly, the movement could continue with legs as a unifying theme that binds the American public together, despite all efforts by the political leaders to divide and diminish them for their own purposes.

To express one's disappointment with the condition of America, however, does nothing to correct that condition. Only if two conditions are met, can the Occupy Wall Street movement effect positive change for America's tentative economic condition. First, the movement must adopt an action that effects the outcome of elections. And second, that effect must leave politicians in government no political choice but to pass into law, solutions that will address activist OWS voter's concerns.

In other words, the Occupy Wall Street movement must translate their discontent into sufficient anti-incumbent voting in November, 2012, as to leave politicians thinking they have no future in politics unless they address the concern of the OWS voters. Put another way, the OWS movement must embrace the Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) strategy, if they are to have any lasting positive effect on the future of our country.

Obviously, however, the first and foremost prerequisite to effecting
positive change for America has to be getting the money influence out of
politics. As long as our elected leaders and political parties can be
bought and sold by the highest commercial bidders on Wall Street, there
can be no positive future for the American people at large. But, that is
only the first of many reforms that must be adopted as a demand by
voters. Can the Occupy Wall Street movement fulfill this potential? Tell me what you think?

(This article was modified from its publication at VOID).

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