Justice: Osama bin Laden

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OBL - Deceased

America celebrates tonight the delivery of justice upon the head of Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Queda which perpetrated the 9/11/2001 attacks upon American soil by way of hijacked airliners. Osama Bin Laden and his company had a choice, surrender or fight. They chose to fight, and, that was the last decision bin Laden will ever make, thanks to the chain of command from Pres. Obama all the way down to the Navy Seals and other American military personnel who assumed the risks of apprehending Osama bin Laden in his residence.

There is little doubt that al-Queda will seek retribution. They may well already have plans for this fateful day ready to put into play. Pres. Obama and many other Western nations will be heightening their intelligence efforts and defensive around likely targets. al-Queda cannot now, pretend anymore that they can get away with murderous terrorism against the U.S. and hope to survive. Their choice is clear. Don the role of suicidal terrorist or abandon al-Queda. As long as bin Laden was alive, escape and survival of U.S. authorities was plausible. It isn't plausible anymore. Nowhere in the world is safe for al-Queda leadership now that bin-Laden has been brought to justice in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

For Americans who lost loved ones and friends on 9/11, this day brings some measure of closure and justice their suffering. Justice does not lessen the loss of loved ones and friends. Unjust acts unpunished, however, creates its own kind of suffering like a wound that will not heal. This kind of suffering can now come to an end.

Except for the relief, this is a chapter of war with 'religious' fundamentalist terrorists that can now be closed. Al-Queda has not disappeared, fundamentalist religious extremists still abound in all nations of the world, and murderous terrorism as a tactic, has not been erased from the minds of human beings. This battle against those who choose violence as their method to address grievances, is as old mankind, and can never be won, once and for all, as long as human beings exist. Humanity dictates however, that such persons shall be deemed outlaws, and their murderous acts shall warrant their being hunted and brought to justice.

It is, these days, all too easy for passions to clamor for laws that legitimize violence as a methodology of choice to resolve differences. When terrorists strike fear into the hearts of otherwise, humane persons, such persons can be impassioned to abandon their humanity in the name of justice. This is, in fact, the argument and defense by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. People of conscience and morality must safeguard their own humanity, not against the terror of their enemies, but, against their own passions which would set their own humanity aside, in the pursuit of justice.

This operation to seek out and apprehend Osama bin Laden in the name of justice ended in violence, but, that was the choice of Osama bin Laden and his defenders. This operation was governed by the concerted efforts of U.S. law, Pakistani law, and international law enforcement, with the objective to apprehend and try Osama bin Laden for his crimes. That he chose suicide by cop does not confer upon those conducting this daring raid on bin-Laden's compound, any blame, whatsoever. Law enforcement, which is given no choice but to use deadly force in defense of themselves and their efforts to apprehend perpetrators, bears no responsibility or blame for the violence that ensues as a result of the perpetrators hostile defensive actions.

There is no doubt, al-Queda will spin this night's events as murder committed by the United States. But, that is because al-Queda observes no law beyond. Expedience in obtaining their objectives governs their actions, without moral code, without ethical consideration, and without any law observed by humane persons in the world's society's today. The difference between the actions of bin-Laden in aiding the perpetration of the 9/11 attacks and many subsequent terrorist acts, and those of the U.S. military this night, is like that of night and day.

If human beings are to retain their humanity, they must submit to the rule of the law, or, non-violent means of changing that law, which act as a check upon passions that would otherwise, deprive them of their humanity. This is the difference between the al-Queda and Western type democratic societies. And it is a difference we should all recognize and never forget, nor abandon, when we become the victims of violence.

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