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We knew it from polls dating back to the Bush Administration which indicated the majority of Americans supported the Public Option for health care reform, Medicare cannot be politically, eliminated. Why Rep. Paul Ryan and the GOP chose to ignore that public reality, and put forth and pass a Republican bill in the House to get rid of Medicare in favor of a voucher private sector system, can only be answered with one word, Ideology.

Jon Huntsman Jr.: Courtesy - Wikipedia

Just listened to Presidential hopeful Jon Hunstman, former 16th Governor of Utah, speak on TV. The thrust of his pitch is that our economy is failing to grow for lack of capital (FALSE) and the way to ramp up the economy is to make capital investments from overseas inviting (also FALSE). Jon Hunstman is hitching his aspirations to the old 'trickle down economics' that failed our nation during the Bush years. He probably believes what he is saying, but, here is why you shouldn't.

I was amazed to read on CNN Money's web site, how much money Americans are wasting on habitual behaviors of choice. I recommend reviewing this list of money savers, to see if you might be able to pocket another few hundred to thousand per year for something really special and meaningful, and for no more than the cost of being aware.

It is often informative to view lines of history as a tug of war between ideologies or paradigms. Some historians view our political history as a record of the swing of a pendulum from conservative to liberal, and back again. Such has often been the case since the Great Depression and stock market crash of 1929. Replacing it, is a new pragmatism of necessity.


OBL - Deceased

America celebrates tonight the delivery of justice upon the head of Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Queda which perpetrated the 9/11/2001 attacks upon American soil by way of hijacked airliners. Osama Bin Laden and his company had a choice, surrender or fight. They chose to fight, and, that was the last decision bin Laden will ever make, thanks to the chain of command from Pres. Obama all the way down to the Navy Seals and other American military personnel who assumed the risks of apprehending Osama bin Laden in his residence.


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