GOP: Cut It, or Shut It.

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Courtesy: The Hill

Until this last week, many in the media appeared to be ignoring, or failing to connect the dots behind the GOP's efforts to bring America to a standstill. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan Republicans are putting in place measures to increase unemployment by laying off public service workers, or, at the very least, deny them wages and benefits that defined them as Middle Class. Republicans in Congress are in concert attempting to shut down the federal government, following the chant of Tea Party rally participants to: Cut it (the budget) or Shut it (the government).

The Social conservative Right has joined in the budget battle insisting that the Republicans end abortion, cut public education for the non-wealthy, and end social safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. They are insisting that budget cuts defund Planned Parenthood and Public Broadcasting, for example, as riders on the budget allocation bill.

For Social conservatives, any teacher who isn't teaching sexual abstinence, isn't teaching Christianity and the idea of America as a Christian nation, isn't teaching that homosexuality is a sin against God and mankind, is a liberal teacher and by hook or crook, such teachers have to be relieved of their jobs. The budget cuts proposed by Congressional Republicans reflect this minority's social agenda. Get rid of government employee unions, and elect social conservative School Boards is the goal. The Social Conservative school boards will then be free, after collective bargaining unions are extinct, to fire 'liberal' teachers and hire Social Conservative teachers, to teach all students Social Conservative doctrine.

Current government has not yielded to their agenda, and these social conservatives have found a way, through the Tea Party, to get a strangle hold upon the Republican Party's leadership, forcing them to introduce this minority social agenda into the very core of legislation required to keep our nation functioning and moving forward. Their strangle hold is so powerful, as to now create a showdown in which they either get their way, or they shut down America's government and large swaths of her economy. This action is so reminiscent of a union strike, as to be remarkable.

What they will find, however, inevitably, is that their actions will bear all the fruit of a temper-tantrum child who holds their breath in retaliation to the parent's refusal to give them more candy. In the end, they will turn the majority of the American people against their radical social conservative agenda and objectionable minority political tactics.

The reason this vocal minority has achieved such success in acquiring this strangle hold on Republican leadership lies in their shared coalition with the Wealthy corporate lobbies like the Koch Bros and Koch Industries whose agenda is to achieve corporate control of governments, both local and federal, by controlling the election outcomes through massive campaign donations to candidates and PACs supporting the corporate and Koch Bros. agenda of government non-interference with their actions.

In other words, this minority social conservative group has strong wealthy allies with other agendas, with whom they can work in concert. The Koch Bros. have a vested interest in government legislating a pro-corporate agenda instead of regulating corporations. The Koch Bros. desire to end government regulation and oversight of their corporate activities, and to diminish or end corporate taxation has led to the Koch Bros. funding of many of these social conservative movements to drive voting behavior. The most effective and direct path to a social conservative and corporate favored government in America's future is to indoctrinate America's young to become Republican voters, and the education in America has become a prime target of both of these power groups inside the Republican Party. Which explains teacher unions becoming a prime target in Republican governed States like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The Tea Partyers are, this very week, calling for a shut down of federal government and no elevation of the federal government's debt limit. Mike Pence (R) proffered the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. Rep. Mike Pence has publicly stated: "Nobody wants a government shutdown, but unless we take a stand, we will shut down the future of our children and grandchildren." But his Tea Party crowd were chanting, "Cut it, or Shut It".

Of course, 'taking a stand' means no compromise, and no compromise means shutting down the government for a lack of consensus on legislation to continue funding government operations, the very thing Pence said tongue in cheek, nobody wants. In fact, that is precisely what Mike Pence is calling for, shutting down the government with a 'no compromise' stand by Republicans.

Republicans know all too well that refusing to compromise with Senate Democrats on budgets is a guaranteed way to shut down the Government. Comments like Pence's have led to Sen. Reid (D), majority leader in the Senate, responding by saying he would rather shut down government than allow Republicans like Pence to eliminate funding for programs like Planned Parenthood, necessary to the health and well being of moderate to low income Americans.

Shutting down the government for weeks, or longer will be crippling to our economy and carry a high deficit adding cost. But, such a shut down will be cause for Tea Party and Koch Bros. celebration. A failure to raise the government's debt ceiling, another showdown piece of legislation looming, will cause the United States to default on its debt obligations, essentially announcing to the world that the U.S. is bankrupt and politically unable to pay its lenders the interest on their loans. That conservatives are forcing such an enormous negative future for Americans, is testament to their determination to have it all their way, or no way at all, for anyone. Such a position is inherently self-destructive. But, then, so is ideology, which hardens itself against reality and empirical verification. 

The consequences of a default on our debt will be horrendous and catastrophic for non-wealthy Americans. Republicans are essentially playing Russian Roulette with a six shooter loaded with 5 bullets, with this threat. But, it is entirely logical for the radical elements in the GOP. If they can bankrupt the government, they can force an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all manner of other so-called, 'liberal' social programs. While that is logical, it is also blind to the incredible mountain of other negative consequences which will ensue and ensnare all but the wealthiest like the Koch Bros.

There are yet, many moderate Republicans in the U.S. Congress, who, were it not for the stranglehold of the Tea Party and the threat of the Koch Bros. to fund a challenger in the next election, would compromise with Democrats and prevent such horrific consequences from befalling our nation and people. We can only hope that such moderates will, at the last moment, prevail and avoid such catastrophe.

However, it should be noted, Republicans have a vested interest in ruining the economic recovery between now and 2012's elections, which should be obvious to all Americans, but, isn't. Presidential elections are often won and lost on the status of the economy. No one knows this better than Republicans whose devastating economic legacy in 2008 resulted in a majority Democratic Party government.

The debt and deficits are now issues on the front burner for all Americans. These are challenges which every politician in America, regardless of persuasion, now acknowledges must become one of our nation's top priorities. And for this, the Tea Party and Republican Party are to be thanked and congratulated. However, the road to success in dealing with these issues does not pass through the intersection of bankruptcy and government shut down. That is a whole other road that leads to ruin for America's future, just as complete as ignoring the deficit and debt would be.

The 'champions of fiscal responsibility' stand ready to cross the line into becoming America's enemy within. It is time for sanity, and for moderates to pull the reins back on these 'champions' to prevent them from crossing that line from heroes of our American future, to enemy of it.

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