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Debt Ceiling

The federal government's debt ceiling will be raised on a bi-partisan vote and signature of the president. There is only one condition, in which, that previous statement could end up not true, and that would be, political imbecility. It will take only one political extremist, or dummy, to pull this off, and there are several candidates for the role.

There is a simple formula for our politicians to follow to end deficits and pay down debt. If followed, this 5 rule budget process will reap political advantage for the Party that subscribes to it. It is common sense. Most middle class families in control of their monthly bills and income will recognize it right away. Let's take a look at these short and simple, common sense budget rules.


Broken Capital, Courtesy: Center for Public Integrity

Last night, with less than an hour to go before shutting down the U.S. Federal government, an agreement of intent was reached to avoid the shutdown. If one can call such brinkmanship up to the edge of the precipice, a working system, then our American system worked. The problem with Russian Roulette is that eventually, the chamber actually has a bullet in it when the trigger is pulled.


Courtesy: The Hill

Until this last week, many in the media appeared to be ignoring, or failing to connect the dots behind the GOP's efforts to bring America to a standstill. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan Republicans are putting in place measures to increase unemployment by laying off public service workers, or, at the very least, deny them wages and benefits that defined them as Middle Class. Republicans in Congress are in concert attempting to shut down the federal government, following the chant of Tea Party rally participants to: Cut it (the budget) or Shut it (the government).


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