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No Nukes

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Nuke Plant locations. Courtesy: INSC

Japan is issuing America due notice! Build new nuclear power plants at your citizen's peril. The message could not be clearer. But, there are powerful money interests intent on proliferating nuclear power in America, nonetheless, and they will be tough to turn down. Let's look at the facts and weigh them against the perils and benefits.

Republicans and Democrats are both pandering away America's future. Who they pander to and for whose benefit, is what distinguishes them from each other.

Deficit: Fix It ?

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Deficit as % GDP
 Courtesy: US Government Spending.Com

The American people have this in common politically, whether they lean left, right, or have a foot in both camps: They want to know that they, and their children, will reside, work, and play in the best country on Earth. Deficits threaten that future. The American public want the deficits fixed. Contrary to some talking head fear-mongerers and biased pundits, most Americans are willing to sacrifice something toward this end. Deficits are really just an 8th grade math problem. Here is a road map to working that problem.


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