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Wisconsin Symptom

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The demonstrations in Wisconsin continue, and represent something great about America, and something horribly broken. The Wisconsin demonstrations are a testament to the brilliance of our Constitutional design insuring the right of the people to publicly voice their opinion about government without fear of retaliation or necessity of violence. They are also a symptom of the gridlocked and grossly ineffective political system that governs America's present, and ill-fated future.

Political Voice

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Million Man March.jpg
Million Man March

Having a political voice in a nation's government is one of the most disarming and undermining weapons against groups advocating revolution. Political voice results in political evolution, not revolution, in nearly all cases. Iran and Egypt are opposites today in how they respond to their people's demand for a political voice. The outcomes are likely to be just as opposite. But, the U.S. must take care, now, as well.

What Egypt Portends

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Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptians are undertaking their final lap into the 20th and 21st centuries. The people of several Middle Eastern nations including, Yemen and Tunisia, are also pushing to finish this final lap toward political modernity which, marked the 20th century in other places like Japan, Germany, South Eastern Asian nations, and the Eastern Communist Bloc nations, after the fall of the Soviet Union.


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